In the event that your room have a low ceiling, at that point a customary ceiling fan is anything but not a smart thought. If your room size is around 12 by 12 feet then you might have to look for best 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan.

Most of the ceiling fans have a long downrod that makes the fan around 18-24 inches from the roof surface. The math is straightforward.

If your room have 8 foot ceiling with a ceiling fan that drops down 1.5 feet means you have 6.5 feet of freedom. In case you’re more than 6 foot tall, you would be advised to dodge to abstain from having fan edges coming at your eyes!

That is the reason the advantages of the best flush mounted ceiling fans merit considering on the off chance that you possess a home with low roofs. You’ll augment the measure of room you have underneath the fan while limiting the dangers of unexpected damage.

Here we described the best 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan for your room comfort. You can likewise choose the one of the best from list as per your convenience.

Top 24-30 inch flush mount ceiling fan




Westinghouse Lighting Quince 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Mini Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire Spacesaver LED Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting Origami 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Micro 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home Hero Hugger Small Ceiling Fan

1. Westinghouse Lighting Quince 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Appreciate all year solace and energy saving funds in your home with this Westinghouse Lighting Quince 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan. Intended to bring accommodation and a striking point of convergence to any littler size room, this contemporary flush mount ceiling fan includes a smooth gun metal completion and reversible dark/graphite sharp edges that make it simple to coordinate your stylistic theme. The flexible Quince additionally incorporates a solitary light installation with opal pearly glass conceal that throws delicate, diffused light.

This ceiling fan depends on a silicon steel engine with double capacitor to give incredible, calm dissemination. It likewise includes three fan speeds and a reversible switch for tweaked comfort. Run the ceiling fan counterclockwise to remain cool in the late spring, or run it clockwise to recycle warm air in the winter and wipe out cool spots.

2. Monte Carlo Mini Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Mini Ceiling fan is perhaps the cutest bit of machine you’ll ever observe. It has a 20 inch cutting edge range, and the fan will effectively fit in even the smallest rooms having low ceilings.

The fan has a finely brushed steel design that makes it look very much fabricated. Every one of the four edges includes another piece of structure on them to lift the appearance of the fan. At 20 inches it is sensible to imagine that the presentation of this little fan isn’t sufficient. However, shockingly, the smaller than usual ceiling fan has brilliant air movement despite its little size.

The excellent air course is primarily because of the engine and the edge of the sharp edges. The sharp edges tilt at 12 degree point to help guarantee least air erosion. Moreover, the engine is fantastically quiet.

Moreover, the fan additionally offers a few highlights. One such element is the capacity to invert the course of the fan. The reversible bearings enable you to utilize the fan in both the winters and summer.

Despite its exceptionally essential plans, this fan is effectively among the best little ceiling fans. The steel body joined with the four cutting edge structure looks incredible as well as offers astounding execution also.

3. Minka-Aire Spacesaver LED Ceiling Fan


This Spacesaver is originates from Minka-Aire. They offer the fan in three hues: Brown, Silver, or White/Ivory. This selection of hues implies that it can fit into a wide range of homes with various styles, supplementing various insides with its shading decision choices.

The organization likewise expresses that the evaluated yearly energy utilization bill of this fan is $6. In correlation, other comparable fans have a yearly energy bill of generally $34 every year. This fan will save you cash and will look great while it does as such. The style of this fan is extremely contemporary. It’s made of metal and glass and has a shiny completion.

The light unit, bulb, and fan sharp edge come incorporated into the bundle. In any case, remotes and wall controls are accessible independently. That is one thing to remember while purchasing this fan.

4. Westinghouse Lighting Origami 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Origami 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan consolidates a minimal, sculptural style with amazing execution. This ceiling fan includes a 153 by 9 millimeter silicon steel engine with a double capacitor for incredible, calm air flow. Also accompany three fan speeds high, medium and low and a reversible switch keep you cool in the late spring and warm in the winter.

Incorporates an oval opal iridescent glass apparatus,  4-inch (D x L) down pole, 78 inch lead wire, and one candelabra base 60 watt light. It is also remote control compatible. The fan have high air flow efficiency of 2039 CFM with use of 31 watt.

5. Monte Carlo Micro 24 Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan


This Compact Design Micro 24 inch ceiling fan by Monte Carlo is a much needed refresher. Ideal for storage rooms, lobbies, utility rooms and significantly more. This low profile ceiling fan offers four completion choices for both the lodgings and the sharp edges so as to modify the smooth, contemporary structure for any stylistic layout.

For further customization, an assortment of light packs and fitters are likewise accessible and sold independently. The Micro 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan highlights three speed and pull chain activity with a manual turn around switch and is additionally perfect with the compatible remote control that sold independently.

6. Prominence Home Hero Hugger Small Ceiling Fan


This mini hugger ceiling fan from prominence home featured with 5 reversible dual finish white and white oak. Its three speeds makes perfect setting for your space to enjoy the cool breeze created by a ceiling fan.

Advantageously tranquil, 3 speed, reversible engine that can be kept running backward in the winter to help in turning warm air in the room. Downdraft mode and updraft mode for ideal wind stream.

Conventional pull chains included for simple “on and off” alterations however this fan is additionally compatible with universal ceiling fan remotes.

Can all ceiling fans be flush mounted?

Everything depends on the parts of your ceiling fan. You’ll know whether your ceiling fan can be flush mounted dependent on the establishment directions that you get. A few proprietors endeavor to make a ceiling fan be flush mounted by expelling the down pole from the establishment. Doing this will frequently cause the clevis stick to be left free on the ceiling fan, which puts the fan in danger of falling.

For a near roof mounting, you’ll have to have a mounting section that is intended to hold up under the heaviness of the ceiling fan without any alteration to the establishment. You’ll likewise need to ensure that the engine for the ceiling fan is intended to work in a flush mount setting.

On the off chance that the engine is intended to work with a down bar, there is a decent shot that a flush mount establishment will produce a lot of warmth. That could harm the structure of your roof, cause the engine to overheat and quit working, or more awful begin a fire.

Is 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan right for you?

Some flush mount ceiling fans are intended to move a similar measure of air that ceiling fans with a down bar can move. They can do this in light of the fact that inconspicuous acclimations to their structure and the establishment procedure have been added to expand wind current in a base measure of room.

Other ceiling fans that are not intended to be flush mounted don’t offer this advantage. If you do effectively flush mount a ceiling fan by evacuating the down pole, you’ll see that there will be much less air moving in your room.

Why 24 inch flush mount ceiling fan is best?

Low profile ceiling fans have no space between the engine lodging of the fan and the roof. On the off chance that you live in a littler space, particularly a townhouse or apartment, at that point you can at present get the additional wind stream in a room without imperiling yourself with an effect like you would with a ordinary ceiling fan.

In spite of the fact that these structures are evaluated for low roofs 8 feet high or lower, you should check the construction regulations for ceiling fans before finishing your establishment. Some establishment areas may have higher necessities. The construction standard for a roof fan is regularly 12 feet.

Some construction standards dispose of the “sharp edge estimation” for coding and rather measure from the floor to the most reduced segment of the ceiling fan. That is frequently the light pack and 7 feet is regularly required for this code too.

Benefits of a flush mount ceiling fan

They are similarly as simple to introduce as some other traditional ceiling fan. For whatever length of time that the electrical box can bolster the heaviness of the fan, most mortgage holders can introduce their new item within1 hour.

There are less steps to the establishment procedure. You don’t have to stress over the down bar, for instance, or stress over stringing your wiring through different advances.

You can also use the propelled highlights with this sort of ceiling fan, for example, a remote control or different speed choices. Driven lighting is accessible on certain models too.

Different size choices are accessible. Fans from 24 inches to 84 inches can be found in this class with the goal that practically any room can profit by having a ceiling fan.

Cleaning isn’t troublesome either. A similar procedure to clean the cutting edges and gathering in other fan classes is utilized for this structure.

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